How much snow did ya get?

Click on the header and chime in with your name, location and snowfall amount. I’m interested in just how this one panned out for everyone. Thanks!

11 Comments on “How much snow did ya get?

  1. Kingston/ Plymouth Ma. 2-4 inches melting fast. No Bother to put power steering fluid in the yard plow truck it aint worth it! You were right Hillbilly We didnt get shit

    1. The snow melted so fast here I didn’t have time to shovel it before it melted. I said ta’ hell with it.

    1. Holy shit! I was hoping you folks would be on the lighter end of the spectrum. Snow was very fluffy here. We maybe got 2″ or so, but it settled and melted fast. The fields down the road from the house here ain’t got a lick of snow in ’em now. Crazy!

  2. Not a fuckin thang here in Sharon Vt !!!
    Love ur Show…
    Keep on Doin what ur doin lil buddy…
    Fight the best fight ya got !!
    Help all the donkeys ya can..
    We’re all in this together…


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