St. Patrick’s Day – ManchVegas

I decided to head on over to ManchVegas Thursday morning and pop in on Greg and The Morning Buzz. Yep, I showed up unannounced because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get over there or not. I had a feeling, Greg, being the stand up guy that he is, would greet me with hospitality, and he sure did. As soon as I got his attention he brought me right up to where all the business was going on and set me up with a mic. Then, just like that, we were talking live on the air and I was right into the weather. I can’t say thank you enough to those guys for all the support they have shown me. I also can’t thank all of you enough for such a warm welcome as well. Many people approached me to shake my hand, take a picture and thank me for what I keep doing. You guys are what keeps me going.

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